What Size Dumpster Do I Need?

By April 11, 2016News
Garbage Bin Rental and Junk Removal

One of the biggest advantages of renting a dumpster is that you get to control pretty much everything! This is great for homeowners that want to control costs and keep their project in order. Pretty much every customer that comes to us without experience will ask “what size bin do I need for my home?” That answer varies quite a bit, but there are a few rules we’ve put together for our dumpster rental customers in Toronto. Here are few guidelines for your project.

Small-to-mid-sized homes/regular cleanup

Small to mid-sized homes or regular cleanup refers to residential projects that the average person is going to undertake. This means home cleaning, small renovation projects, garage and basement cleanup, and other projects on residential housing that are small enough to be done in a day or a few days. As long as you don’t have large amounts of furniture, then a 20 yard dumpster ought to do the trick.

ANSWER: 20 yard dumpster

Large homes/major renovations

If you have the luxury of living in a large home, and happen to need just about everything gone, then you need the dumpster to match. This is also true for major renovation projects such as full home remodeling. In this case, we recommend a 30-yarder. This will give you enough space to get rid of all of your junk or all of the refuse from massive interior renovations.

ANSWER: 30-yard dumpster

Massive homes/Full construction projects/Commercial projects

If you have a massive, castle-like residence and need to remove all of your junk, then you need to go big. Same goes if you are doing a complete home makeover, building project, or commercial project. We recommend the largest size for commercial waste management, or for home projects such as tearing down one area of the home and building on additions.

VERDICT: 40-yard dumpster

No matter what kind of project you are running or what stuff you are getting rid of, Insta-Bins has the right size for you. We just want to give you a few rules of thumb to help answer the question “what size bin do I need for my home?” Let us know and we can help find find the right bin for you!

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