Selling Your Home This Summer? Get an Insta-Bin!

By July 15, 2016News

The spring and summer are high season for real estate sales in North America, and homeowners in Canada are usually in stiff competition to spruce up their property inside and out. Others are in a hurry to clear out and get to their next place. Whatever the reason, it’s a great idea to get an Insta-Bin. Our bins serve a lot of different purposes, but they are especially helpful to people looking to get their home off of the market. Here are a few different things you could do:

Clear your home out for a move

Nobody wants to move into a home full of the previous owner’s garbage. Cleaning the interior is an absolute must, so getting a dumpster to put it all in is a great idea. We are definitely more efficient and take more junk than your normal trash collectors, and getting a bin and doing it yourself is cheaper than the moving companies or junk removers. Our bins aren’t just for garbage either. You could toss in all of the busted up furniture and old stuff you aren’t using to make the place look more spacious.

Clean up around the yard

Did you know that sprucing up the outside is a great way to increase curb appeal? It’s true. Selling a home with a nice yard is a lot easier than selling one that looks like it’s in the middle of a jungle safari. If you’re undertaking big projects like cutting down trees or sawing off tree limbs, removing old bushes, stumps, or other unsightly stragglers, or just doing massive yard work projects, a dumpster is a great way to control the mess and get rid of it quickly.

Home renovations

Replacing the roof, redoing the exterior, or updating the siding, features, or infrastructure of the home (gutters, HVAC, etc?), then getting a bin to haul everything away is a great option of the DIYers of the group. We accept a lot of waste and leftovers from home projects. Making your home look up-to-date and in great shape is a sure-fire way to sell it more quickly. Let Insta-Bins give you a hand hauling all of the junk away.

Trying to sell your home in the Ottawa area? Then you’ll probably have a lot of work on your hands. Insta-bins can make it a whole lot easier on you if you rent one of our dumpsters. Removing old junk, fixing up the yard, or renovating your home? Let us lend a helping hand!

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