Insta-Bin Rentals

Are you looking for a safe and easy way to get rid of junk, garbage, or waste materials from renovations? Look no further. Insta-Bins is your Ottawa bin and dumpster rental specialist. There’s no need to let junk or rubbish stress you out any longer. No matter how much you need to get rid of, we provide the containers you need to get it all off your property without headaches. Our process couldn’t be easier! For all of your trash and junk removal and disposal needs, contact us today at Insta-Bins.

The Benefits of Garbage Removal

Insta-Bins are useful in many situations, including:

Preparing For a Move—Make your upcoming move simpler and lighter by clearing out your clutter beforehand with Insta-Bins. You can also clean up quickly and efficiently after a big move by using our innovative dumpster rental, pickup and disposal services.

Storage Cleaning—Cleaning out your closets, attic and garage using Insta-Bins. Insta-Bins are an easy and convenient way for you to create some extra storage space. If your closets are messy and over-stuffed, use Insta-Bins to get your home organized. Insta-Bins can also be delivered to storage facilities to help you quickly and effectively clear out an old storage locker.

Post-Construction Clean Up—If you’ve recently renovated or constructed your home, use Insta-Bins to get rid of any leftover materials and debris. Getting rid of large appliances, drywall, wood, and other building materials can be difficult, impractical and cumbersome. With Insta-Bins, you can easily get rid of large construction materials so you can enjoy your new home.


10 yard bin $299 includes 1.0 tonne additional weight is charged at $115/tonne at a prorated usage
14 yard bin $355 includes 1.5 tonne additional weight is charged at $115/tonne at a prorated usage
20 yard bin $415 includes 2.0 tonne/ or $215 for just the bin plus weight charges/ additional weight is charged at $115/ tonne at a prorated usage

Insta-Bins: The Best Dumpster Rental and Trash Disposal Service in Ottawa

Having large amounts of clutter, junk and trash in your home can be unpleasant, and even potentially dangerous. A buildup of clutter can lead to health concerns such as tripping hazards, dust, and mold development—which could negatively impact your health. Large amounts of trash can make your home feel cramped and less liveable. But what can you do to get rid of your junk and trash quickly and efficiently?

Insta-Bins is the best way to have your trash removed and disposed of in a timely and effective manner. Simply fill up one of our rentable dumpster and when you’re finished, we’ll pick it up and dispose of your thrash for you. For the most convenient garbage removal service in the Ottawa area, contact us today at Insta-Bins.