If you are getting your house renovated or you are removing a lot of your clutter from a big move, there may be a large bin or dumpster in your driveway or just out in front of your home while the job requiring a bin gets finished. This is a big and temporary change that the front of your house has to go through, and it is bound to affect your life in one way or another while it is there.
However, just because you have a bin or a dumpster outside your home, this does not mean your entire neighbourhood now has access to it as a public waste receptacle – and the same holds true if you find someone else in the neighbourhood has dumpster or bin temporarily in front of their home. Here are some things to keep in mind about the laws surrounding waste disposal bins, both as a renting client and/or as a citizen of the neighbourhood.
Technical Theft
When you rent out a dumpster or bin to help get rid of waste or clutter from a project concerning your home, you are entitled to every cubic foot of space in that bin – the space in the bin is, after all, what you are paying for. If a person assumes that the bin in front of your home, which you have rented, is available for just anyone to deposit waste in, that person is taking up part of the bin’s space that you have legally paid for. Throwing garbage in someone else’s rented or private dumpster takes up the space for waste they paid for and is technically stealing what has already been purchased by somebody else.
As a renter of a dumpster or bin, you have the right to not have unauthorised persons throw their waste in your bin – additionally, if you see a bin in the neighbourhood you are not sure belongs to a specific person, assuming it is public and throwing your waste inside is stealing someone else’s space – don’t do it!
Respect other’s bin rentals and make sure your neighbours know to do the same for you when you rent a bin. This way you can get the absolute most of your bin rental.